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Collaboration with blue oyster hotel

Kemi Tours & Travel is assisted by the Blue Oyster Hotel, located in Jambiani, to arrange, organise and plan its activities. Find us at the reception in Blue Oyster Hotel for any tour enquiry or questions. 


Kemi Tours and Travel employs two full-time drivers and possess two bigger cars. Our cars are continuously inspected to ensure standard and quality, and we have all necessary licenses and permits. The teamwork between our drivers and the local guides creates a very interesting environment for going on tours with us. We focus on long-term collaborations in order to support stable income for the local communities. All excursions and transfers are distributed equally and in cases of an increasing workload additional drivers are recruited.


Our dream and ambition is to provide excellent experiences of Zanzibar and to support long-term employment and sustainable income for the local community. Above all , our wish is to support the development of eco-friendly and responsible tourism on Zanzibar Island.

Ecotourism is the “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people” (TIES, The international Ecotourism Society 1990).

The increasing tourism is a chance for development and change in Zanzibar. Besides that we should not forget that tourism can have negative impacts on the country, the people and the environment as well. To sustain the magic of Zanzibar we want to follow the guidelines of ecotourism.

All contributors of  Kemi Tours & Travel are natives, the tours are made by local tour guides and the money benefits the guides and their families. Focusing on the vision “run by locals for locals”, we want to bring together the locals and the guests in a mutually beneficial relationship.

It is our aim to support the local small businesses so that tourism doesn’t result in social injustice, excessive demands and environmental problems. Zanzibar and its people should have the possibility to take part in the development through tourism.

Acting foresighted and eco-friendly, we will try to sustain and preserve this magnificent continent and its islands.


We do this by the following means:

  1. Supporting and promoting locally produced and manufactured goods
  2. Focusing on community development and environmental sustainability
  3. Promoting the importance of the sustainability to tourists and local communities to ensure a positive legacy which can established and maintained
  4. Promoting responsible visitor behavior
  5. Waste reduction, re-use and recycle
  6. Facilitating cultural exchange between clients and communities
  7. Supporting, using and encouraging businesses that actively support sustainability
  8. Raising awareness on the importance of sustainability among clients
  9. Encouraging clients to eat local foods therefore reducing the amount of food imported
  10. Encouraging clients to conserve resources like electricity and water
  11. Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people.