Spice Tour

About the tour

Zanzibar, also well known as the Spice Island, was one of the world’s largest producers of spices such as cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. The spice industry has had a large impact of the history of the island, and visiting a spice farm is a must do when on Zanzibar! 

Our spice tour offers a guided walking tour through the spice farm, where you will be shown an array of different spices normally seen in the stores or in your kitchen. 

You will get a chance to smell, taste and touch the different spices, and learn how they are grown and harvested. You will get an understanding of the day to day activities of people living in the area, and you will sit down in the house of your local guide to enjoy a home-made lunch prepared by his family.

What is included

Transfer from and to the hotel

Soft drink or water for refreshment

Entrance fee at the spice farm

Guide fees

Homemade local meal at the spice village

Useful information

Tour Duration

4 hours

Things to bring


Walking shoes


Dress Code

  • Wear loose fitting, non-transparent clothes
  • Shirts should cover the upper arms and shorts should reach to the knees
  • Do not wear bathing costumes, tank tops or other revealing clothing